Steffin: Take Two

Been thinking, might change the plot line completely. The story I have now seems almost too cliche. I have been watching a bunch of indie movies like Slacker and Clerks and Swingers and find the independent, “friend” movie is the direction in which I want to move… We’ll see.

When I was a freshman in college, uh, last year, I wrote a very short screenplay entitled “Steffin.” It was the story about an overweight man (Steffin) in his mid-twenties who wakes up to find a pink thong on his bathroom floor and, with the the help of his stoned-out-of-his-mind best friend and mysterious foreign cable guy, tries to figure out whether or not he lost his virginity the night before. He can’t remember for one reason or another and his friends are about as helpful as Whitney Huston leading a weekend sobriety meeting at the meth clinic. When I wrote it I had in mind a Clerks-esque film style: more focused on dialogue and storytelling rather than a huge Hangover-ish adventure. I relied on character development and their words as opposed to the things they actually did to piece everything together. Characters didn’t spend a whole lot of time outside of Steffin’s apartment, though I did have to take some of the scenes elsewhere to develop everything. The story was far from original, but the way I wrote it was, in my humble opinion, rather saucy; however, I was unhappy with the overall product. It felt rushed and rough and frankly I could have done a much better job.

So here I am now at 11:30 PM thinking about what I could do to improve it. While I haven’t come up with very much, I have brainstormed enough to come up with a new beginning scene, a prologue if you will. Is it cool if I share it with you? If you’re shaking your head and saying “no” right now then you can shove it ’cause I’m about to post my idea for the first scene. Get ready, chilluns, because here it is: the prologue to the story of “Steffin.”


Far from perfect, but it’s a lot better than what I had before. AFTER this little scene is when the music will play and the title will pop up. Then the story will get under way. Let me know whatchya think!


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